Every year we hope never to hear news like this at the start off the school year but unfortunately a CMU student was found dead near the campus and now her identity has been revealed.  Keep the family and friends in your prayers.

Mount Pleasant Police were called to an apartment near campus when a student was found unresponsive.  WNEM is reporting the student was 22 year old Kelly Markatos who was found by her roommates on Tuesday morning.  CMU and MMR were also called to the scene to help resuscitate the student.

The cause of death is unclear and no foul play is suspected at this time.  An autopsy will determine the cause of death for the Central Michigan University senior from Holland, MI.

I will be praying for the family and friends of Kelly Markatos.  No one ever expects things like this to happen to young people when heading off to college.  When I went off to college, I never thought about the possibility of dying.  Today, I will take time to enjoy life more than I had planned after hearing about this unfortunate passing.

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