Comedian Jess Hilarious or Jess With The Mess got yourself in some after posting a offensive video about Muslims boarding her plane. Not funny.

Now I believe anything can be made fun of. But it's all about intent and timing. This didn't feel funny at all to me and had a sprinkle of malicious intent. Fear mongering has become a real thing nowadays. I can't imagine what Muslims have to deal with nowadays. Take a second and use empathy before you judge someone.

Trust that I have a lot of Muslim friends. Their regular people. They shop, they eat, they travel just like you. But unfortunately they have a negative stigma about them that to this day carries a lot of stress. Plus this is probably the worst time ever after the New Zealand terrorist attack to bash Muslim people.

She did apologize nonetheless. Hopefully she gets better with her timing, because I genuinely like her content.

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