The Blue Angels and Michigan National Guard recently did multiple Michigan flyovers to show support for frontline workers, and there are more planned.

The US Navy has been sending the vaunted Blue Angels air crew all over the nation to show support, and earlier this week they flew over southern Michigan. The video above shows the cockpit view as they cruised over Detroit.

Below is one of the many videos from the ground of the Blue Angels flyover.

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The Blue Angels were not the only flight crew showing support from above this week though. The Michigan National Guard covered a much bigger area, going from southern Michigan to the Upper Peninsula, and back over Flint. While it's not as glamorous as the Blue Angels jets, it was still pretty cool.

The Michigan National Guard did an encore flyover focusing on the Metro Detroit area on Wednesday as well.

You can see part of the Michigan National Guard flyover from Wednesday below.

The plans for future flyovers have not been set in stone yet, but multiple reports have been coming out that there are more coming.

I know there has been some backlash over the flyovers from people asking if the money could have been better spent, and that's a valid point. I think everyone is just trying to help lift spirits however they can. If you are an organization that focuses on flying, then that's probably what you would turn to first as a way to show your support.

Nobody thinks that a few planes is going to bring an end to the pandemic, but it is nice to just stop worrying for a few minutes and look to the sky. Thank you to all of the pilots, mechanics and everyone else who dedicated time to making this happen.


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