A man was thrown off of his scheduled flight after asking another passenger that looked Middle Eastern, if they were carrying a bomb in their bag.

The flight was flying out of Chicago, headed to Houston, but the man in the video above never actually got off the ground.

The video above doesn't actually show the man asking about the bomb, but it picks up shortly after other passengers complained about the man.

The man claims that all he said is that he wants all of the "illegals and shit" to be sent home.  Airline officials weren't buying his story though, and many passengers cheered as the man and his lady friend were escorted off the plane.

The video shows half of the story, so it's hard to jump to any solid conclusions as to what happened.  The sad reality is that incidents like this are becoming common place in America today.  Our country is so deeply divided that it's hard for people on either side to take a step back and look at the situation from the other side.

This is just one example of how tensions are bound to overflow right now.  A situation that probably should have never happened in the first place, will now become internet fodder for both sides of the issue.

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