Genesee County Sheriff, Chris Swanson announced a new task force to help deal with needs in the community due to the Coronavirus.

Members of the Community Cares Task Force were sworn in by Sheriff Swanson on Wednesday. The members are all selected community faith leaders, and will work alongside the sheriff's office. The goal is to reach parts of the community that are in need during the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to WEYI, the task force will operate for the next 90 days, helping people deal with needs like food, transportation, toiletries, and other issues cause by the Coronavirus.

If you need help from the task force, you can call 810-257-3422 or visit the Genesee County Sheriff online.

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One of the things that all of us in Flint already know is that our community knows how to deal with a crisis. The true spirit of our city seems to shine brighter in times of need like this. I know these are scary times that we're in right now, but it still feels good to know that our community is constantly rallying behind each other.

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