Road construction season is upon us.

Get ready for orange cones and traffic backups as the Michigan Department of Transportation will be starting work on I-69 this week. A pretty major one-year-long construction project will begin and traffic will be slower than normal along the two-mile+ stretch until November of 2022.

The Michigan Department of Transportation will be spending $100 million on this project and supporting 1,270 jobs in the process. The construction will see the rebuilding of a two and a half-mile stretch of good ole I-69 from Dort Highway to Fenton Road. The project will also include construction on about 20 ramps and bridges including those at the I-475 interchange.

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For the next year or so, be prepared for many of the entrance and exit ramps to be closed for construction. Traffic will probably end up being slower, but don't worry, both eastbound and westbound traffic will remain open. However, expect to see several traffic shifts and lane closures throughout that stretch until November of next year.

If you do travel that way often, you can keep up to date on lane closures and other things that may slow you down with the MiDrive map, just click here to check it out.

It is great to see how far the highways in Genesee County have come over the last few years. The new construction on I-475 that was completed last year is awesome! I drive that stretch quite a bit so I was happy to see it done. Once this is completed, most of us will have a smooth drive to most places in Genesee County.

Source: MDOT

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