The massive road construction project on I-69 in Flint is halfway done, but that doesn't mean getting through it will be any easier.

According to ABC12, the construction project will switch sides this week. On Wednesday (7/11/18) MDOT plans on moving the West bound lanes of I-69 back to the correct side of the road. The East bound lanes will stay the same until this weekend.

On Saturday MDOT plans to move the East bound lanes over to the West side of the expressway. Then construction can begin on the East bound lanes of traffic.

The West bound ramps to both North and South I-75 will be closed this week. The detour will take drivers to Bristol Rd to avoid the construction. Both North and South I-475 ramps to West bound 69 will also be closed this week with drivers being detoured to Dort Hwy.

Considering that the entire expressway is being rebuilt, MDOT has done a great job of keeping traffic moving through the area. There are expected backups during rush hours, but for the most part the traffic has moved smoothly.

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