The struggle to fix Michigan roads is real, and for the second time, the Michigan House has passed a funding bill that most people don't agree with.

The mainly Republican plan was pushed through in the late hours of the night on Wednesday night.  The problem is that most Democrats (and even some Republicans) disagree with the plan, so it will most likely die before it becomes law.

The major parts of the proposal would raise the tax on a gallon of gas by more than three cents.  There would also be a 40% increase on vehicle registration fees, but the scariest part is that it would allow unspecified cuts to the existing budget.

For some, higher fuel taxes would be offset with an expanded tax credit included in the plan. Many could also see future income tax cuts.

This is a problem that has been going on for over a  year now, and it's getting embarrassing to watch.  The fact that our elected officials can't make any progress on this important issue is disheartening.  WNEM-TV5 put together a timeline on our road issues, that shows how messed up the situation really is.

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