The weather has caused a lot of traffic problems all over.

If you have been outside today or any where near a window you can see that the warm weather we have been experiencing is over. We are back to freezing cold temperatures and snow. I know you have heard it time and time again but it is very important for people to drive carefully. has reported multiple accidents up and down US-23.Two accidents are currently being reported on US-23, including one at southbound US-23 and West Hill Road and southbound US-23 and West Hill Road, and vehicles are stopped in ditches and on the roadway. There is even a major 20 car pile up evolving at least two semi-trucks that has traffic backed up badly in Mundy Township. Emergency crews, police and fire have been reported to be on the scene as well and tow trucks and salvation army. But we aren't the only area that have been struck with such bad luck. There was a  tragic accident that occurred earlier in the day down in Detroit which left 4 dead. So please if you don't have to leave your house don't but if you must drive today please be careful.