Costco carefully chose their words when addressing the rumor of a future Burton location.

The rumor of a Costco location coming to Burton started on social media this week, and people were buying it in bulk (Costco theme joke).

While there are no shortage of big empty buildings in Burton, Costco has not committed to occupying any of them . . . yet. Everything started Wednesday when this post was put on Facebook.

"Yet" is the key word here.

In a statement from Costco a spokesperson said that there is no announcement of a Burton store yet.

They could have said something a little more definitive like, "We are not planning on coming to Burton" but they opted to put the word "yet" at the end.

I don't know for sure if Costco is coming, but I do know that Costco should be prepared to start being called "Costcos" because you know people around here are going to put the S on the end.

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