Even with the rollout of the new vaccine COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Michigan again.

Clearly, this is a direct result of things slightly opening back up. I just hope the numbers don't get too high and set us back another couple of months.

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“The two most likely reasons is one we have had losing of restrictions, few weeks ago and usually it’s weeks later when you start to see a change, two is with spring break we have had more people traveling and we have see cases where people picked it up elsewhere and brought it back here," Dr. Diebel says. Source:NBC25.com 

So the party-goers are the problem! Of course, they are. But can you blame them? We've literally been cooped up in the house for a whole year! But we can't lose track of the goal at hand. If you plan on traveling or you're a frequent party-goer please get vaccinated. Ford Field has just launched a massive vaccination site and more local clinics are getting the vaccines they need.

I was recently vaccinated and it wasn't a pleasant experience. But I have people in my family that I'm around every day that have pre-existing conditions, and if they were to contract COVID-19 I could put them in serious danger.  So do your part please, and get vaccinated.



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