I guess this crazed California woman didn't know about Lorena Bobbit and her cutting ways.  After violently cutting off her husbands genitals, the crazy wife was found guilty in court.  Her sentencing hearing has not started but looks like she will be in prison for life.  Cue the Joker line from Batman, 'Why so serious?'

Catherine Kieu, of California, cut off her husband's genitals and threw it in the garbage disposal.  After tossing things into the disposal, she flipped the switch in rage.  Kieu was able to slip her husband a sleeping pill into his drink while eating dinner and turned on full crazy.

Kieu attorney's argued that she had been molested and been through several traumatic experiences which lead to the moment of insanity.  Along with having mental issues, Kieu's attorney said her husband forced her to have sex with him.

When given the opportunity to leave the relationship with a divorce, Kieu refused and stayed around. I am no lawyer or mental doctor but if you had a chance to leave a toxic relationship, you should.  If you don't, you're ultimately saying everything is fine.  I think the sentencing should be life in prison.


via Complex