A crazy man has been ordered by a judge to pay $5k after peeing in a co-worker's coffee.  Work relationships can be tricky and this proves why you should always be careful in the work place.  You've been warned!

A Virginia court has ordered James Carroll Butler to pay up after trying to get his co-worker to drink spiked coffee mixed with his urine.  The incident happened in 2009 when Butler and his victim worked at the city's water waste plant.

Butler didn't like his co-worker Michael Utz and decided that on a day in March 2009 he was going to spike his morning beverage.  Butler urinated in the toilet, scooped his waste, and placed it in Utz coffee container.  As you would expect, Utz smelled the odor before drinking and reported things to the supervisor.

The container was tested in a lab for urine and results came back with evidence of Butler's poor judgement.  Now, the horrible co-worker will have to relieve himself of some money.