There have been reports that Flint residents have received robocalls advising them to wait and vote Wednesday.

Obviously these are not legitimate phone calls, but Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is not taking any chances. She has been fielding questions about the calls all morning, and sent a tweet out to address the calls.

Voter protection is always a top priority during election season, but this year things have been ramped up ten fold. The number one thing you can do if you have questions about voting rules and regulations is to visit the Michigan Voter Website here.

If you recieve a call like this, you should report it to your county clerks office immediately. You can also call the police, or you can call 866-OUR-VOTE. This is a voter hotline setup to report any tampering with the voting process. It will connect you with a lawyer that will offer free guidance on what you can do.

There are plenty of ways that this election day is different because of the COVID pandemic, and that's beyond our control. It's important to remember that there are plenty of things that we can control when it comes to voting. Making sure that every eligible voter has a safe opportunity to vote, free from intimidation is one of those things.

Make sure that if you feel harassed at your polling location that you report it immediately to the poll workers there. If it is a worker that is in question, then report it to the county clerk.


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