A student at Central Elementary School in Davison brought a fake grenade to school Monday morning and scared everybody half to death.

Police responded to what sounded like a straight-up terrorist situation this morning at Central Elementary Scool in Davison.

According to MLive, the presence of police at the school alerted residence that something out of the ordinary might be happening. The school issued the following  statement in reply to address parent's concerns:

“We are receiving calls that parents are alarmed because a student brought a grenade to school ... Please know that this is a souvenir/novelty grenade that the student brought in to show his friends. There was no intent for harm.”


Man, and I thought I was a bad kid. I feel like too often we get these random scares at our surrounding schools. It wasn't too long ago that shots were fired outside a Flint School that shook up the community. Thank god it was just a novelty item, and in a way, it's kinda funny. I don't know what I would have done if this had been a real situation. I might have just written Davison as a lost city and moved outta state. That may sound extreme, but I have a terrible fear of explosions. I think everybody does.

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