It's been confirmed that Saginaw just had its first case of the new Delta variant of the covid-19 virus. This is a bit concerning, especially after just confirming the other day that the Delta variant has also been found in Flint.

The way these viruses spread is insane! By the time you learn about a new strain of the virus, it's already in your town. 

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“While this is far below any of the surge levels we experienced last fall or earlier this year, we need to be careful and not let our guard down,” says Christina Harrington, MPH, health officer. “With school starting in some districts in less than a month, we would really like our schools to have a normal back-to-school experience.”


“Today we KNOW the Delta variant is here. We’ve suspected it has been here a while now,” Harrington explains. “The vast majority of people getting sick or being hospitalized are the unvaccinated. It’s time to get yours if you haven’t already. 

Let's do our best to take this information seriously this time so we can avoid a second shutdown. I can feel the sense of laziness with this new variant popping up. That could be feelings left over from the previous shutdown that literally drove people crazy from the lockdown. Fortunately, this time around we have an advantage with the vaccine.  Don't wait till it's too late, get ahead of the curve and get vaccinated, because this Delta variant is not playing around.


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