The Pistons made a deal with the Celtics today that will bring Joel Anthony to Detroit for Will Bynum.

This might seem like an odd trade, considering the Pistons already have a very solid front line, but a couple of injuries have left the bench thin.  That's where Anthony steps in, and where he belongs . . . on the bench.

The Pistons made the announcement on their twitter account today.

The Pistons GM, Jeff Bower, talked about the personnel change.

I don't pretend to be a basketball expert, but I do know that Joel Anthony might average a double, double . . . in a YMCA rec league.

Will Bynum isn't the key to the Pistons winning or losing, but he is a very good backup point guard.

'BYNOMITE' will be missed in Detroit, and Anthony will most likely take his warm ups off 13 times this entire season.  I hope he can at least clap loud to cheer Josh Smith on.

Check out Will BYNOMITE Bynum's highlight reel