I love being able to share a story about a new business opening in our area. I am even more excited when it involves food. In this particular case, the food I am writing about today is pizza.

Great news, Randy Randol II is opening a new pizza place in Davison, called Randol's pizza. The new spot will be located at 107 Mill Street (between M-15 and Main Street). I had the opportunity to talk with Randy about his new business, here's everything you need to know about Randy and Randol's Pizza.

Are you a Davison resident? Did you have any other location(s) for your place in mind, or did you know you wanted to open in Davison specifically

I grew up in Davison, moved away for a few years and lived in flint when I bought my first house, moved back to Davison 4 years ago. I never had another place in mind, I knew I wanted to be in Davison, being from Davison the goal was to be a part of the community and open up as close to downtown as possible.

Tell me a little about the kind of pizzas you will be serving – including any signature pizzas.

My pizza is a New York style hybrid and I will be offering one size pizza basic cheese with a list of topping you can add so a build your own pizza style. I will have a few specialty pizzas one of which being a four cheese ricotta pizza which people can add toppings to that as they please.

Will you be serving pizza only?

I will be serving pizza related menu items like garlic knots. A dessert menu featuring cannoli (traditional style) and a flavor of the month as well. Tiramisu brownies will also be on the menu.

Will there be indoor dining or carry out only? 

I will have indoor dining and during nice weather there will be a few spots for outdoor seating. Carry out is an option that will be available for customers.

Will you be offering delivery?

No plans on delivery at the moment. As time progresses obviously I will have to see the direction I need or want the business to go.

Do you have an opening date?

No opening date in stone, I would love to be able to be open and operating by January 2022.

What inspired you to become a business owner and open a pizza shop?

Covid happened. I was furloughed at my job and was buying pizza for the family on a weekly basis, so I started playing with making my own for the family. It was really an escape for me to play with recipes and eventually create the best pizza I could.

I started posting pictures on Facebook and friends and family started commenting, I made a few for people and had great reactions. My wife (Hayley) my sons mother (Jaime) both pushed me to pursue opening something up, it became an I have to do this situation.

I really enjoy making pizza and my son Dexter also loves pizza, so this in a lot of ways for him. That’s why Randol’s Pizza is the name I am hoping to be able to pass this down to him when he is ready. I want to leave him with something that he can make his own.

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I am here for it Randy - Randoll's Pizza is going to be the bomb! Congrats to Randy and his family - I can't wait for the Randol's Pizza grand opening celebration. In the meantime, there is a GoFundMe page set up to help the Randol family with their lease payment and loans.

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