When J. Cole took a shot at Eminem on 'Fire Squad' everyone knew that a response from Detroit would be coming, but it may have come from Trick Trick instead of Em.

There is a debate as to if Cole was even dogging Eminem, but that didn't stop Trick Trick from starting up the 'No Fly Zone' talk.

HipHopDX said that Trick responded in an Instagram comment,

"He ain't poppin "S--- S---" is he????? I will lock the gate on that n----!"

Trick Trick later came forward to deny ever threatening Cole on his own Instagram page saying,

"This is false. False (adjective) not according with truth or fact; incorrect. Anyone furthering this false information will be dealt with."

So much like the lines that Cole spit about Eminem in the first place, there seems to be some confusion about the intent.  Did Trick Trick actually put Cole in the No Fly Zone?

The only way we'll really know is if Cole actually comes through Detroit to promote his new '2014 Forest Hills Drive' album.  I hope he and Trick are good, because I'd hate to see another Rick Ross situation.


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