Diddy Dirty Money head out on a 20 city tour tomorrow and Club 93-7 will have tickets for you to win tomorrow "Ticket Text Thursday" Diddy promised this will be his best tour yet. If you wanna win tickets just be listening to Club 93-7 all day and save the Text number 66835. More of what Diddy had to say here

He said:

"I always said people will really start to get the album once they see it live. I think that's the mentality of any performer, or even just taking a page out of any rock 'n' roll band or group; in order to sell your vision, you've got to get it out on the road and really work it."

"It's definitely an opportunity to establish this as a group. I can't wait for people to see how strong the girls are, just in general. That's the new revelation that's being brought to the situation."

Diddy also said that the group is planning a "visually engaging" show that will feature "a representation of the guests, visually" from the "Last Train to Paris" album, including Drake, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Skylar Grey, Rick Ross, Trey Songz and others.

Diddy said:

"God has blessed me with so many hits that the place is gonna be rockin'. You get it all. You get the introduction to Dirty Money. You also get the respect of the years of hits I've been people out. You get your money's worth."

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