President Donald J. Trump held a rally in Macomb County, MI and during his speech he praised Kanye west highly for understanding his message.


Welcome to the Twilight Zone people. Our acting president is shouting out a rapper who said a while back that he wants to run for president. And not just any rapper, but probably the most controversial rapper alive.

I've been sitting back and studying this political game. At glance, Kanye looks like a crazy person. Yelling random things at concerts and even cancelling his tour to get checked into a mental clinic. But, I suggest you look a little deeper, because I think Kanye might be on to something.

Now I for one do NOT want another celebrity in office but Kanye is making moves around powerful people. The most powerful people on the planet to be exact. So either Kanye is crazy, or he's playing the highest level of chess there is. I don't know, but I've got my box of popcorn ready for the next election.


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