When Michigan voters head to the polls today, they'll have plenty of choices when it comes to Presidential candidates.

Everyone knows that Trump, Hillary, Bernie and a host of others are trying to get your vote.  Did you know that there are about 1,600 other names that are listed as candidate for President?  Including Yoda . . . yes, Yoda.

According to the Federal Election Commission site, there are a few other very well known names listed as candidates.

Some of the more notable names include:

  • Deez Nuts
  • Bye Felicia
  • Forest Gump
  • Harry Potter

And there's about 1,600 more that make even less sense.  So be careful when you're in the booth that the urge to vote for "Ha! Got Em!" doesn't overtake your common sense.

The most important thing is that you perform your civic duty today, and if you have any questions about voting, you can get answers below.