This is the final straw. I am appalled that anyone would vote for this man after seeing this photo.

Who eats KFC with a knife and fork? Donald Trump that's who. Yes, the guy who wants to be the leader of the free world posted a photo on twitter last night riding on his private jet and eating KFC WITH A FORK AND KNIFE!

What is wrong with this man?! Let me guess, you're the same man who also eats pizza with a fork and knife and THROWS AWAY THE CRUST?! Do we really want this man leading our country when he can't even handle a little chicken grease?

Donald Trump should officially be pulled off the race for president after posting this on Twitter. Sure the man is a racist bigot who will most likely be America's last president if elected, but this has gone way too far now.

Of course the colonel wouldn't stay silent. Here's the KFC masters response to just a hideous scene.

This is proof that its the beginning of the end of Trump gets elected. We are doomed.

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