The Polar Vortex hitting Michigan this week will bring record low temperatures that are not safe for people or pets.

The daytime temperatures will be near zero during the middle of the week, with nighttime temps falling well below zero. The wind chill temps could be as low as -40 during the worst of the cold spell.

The easiest solution would be just to bring your pet inside during the night, and limit the time that they are exposed to the elements. It is extremely important to understand that most pets are not suited for temps this cold. It is critical to make sure they have a warm place inside the house during the polar vortex.

If you are a person who refuses to let the dog or cat be inside, then please prepare a suitable shelter for them outside.  A suitable shelter includes a completely closed area to block wind and snow.  A base of hay or some other insulator to keep the pet from having to lay directly on the ground.  Finally make sure to check on any animals left outside.

If you aren't able to provide for your pet during the cold conditions please call the Humane Society of Genesee County at 810-744-0511.


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