Saginaw's own, Draymond Green cemented his championship season by winning the Defensive Player of the Year award last night.

The first NBA Awards Show was filled with memorable moments, but most of the laughs involved Draymond throughout the night.

Drake hosted the awards show, and that helped considering he and Draymond love making fun of each other.  Drake took shots at Green's new podcast, while Draymond was busy making fun of Drakes outfit.

One of the best moments of the show though was a pre-recorded skit that featured Drake playing Steph Curry.  It was a mock 'Get Out' skit, but the guy playing Draymond was definitely a subtle jab from Drake.

Overall, the show was fairly entertaining, despite some slow spots.  There is room to grow in case the NBA decides to do this again.  In the end, pretty much all of us from Michigan were thrilled to see Green get all of the deserved recognition.

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