Yes, I said "drunk white trash" because that's exactly what this video is. Why can't we all just get along and enjoy a coney dog?!

People fighting at late-night diners is one of my favorite things to watch on YouTube when I get bored. There are so many videos of drunk idiots fighting over "Well he said this!" and "Don't talk to my friend like that!" that you can waste easily a couple hours watching stupidity at its finest.

This gem comes from Dix Coney Island in Detroit. I'm guessing from the guy saying "Whatcha gonna do boy?! Say something to my girl again!" that white trash guy #1 wasn't happy with what the guy in the seat had to say about his lady. This great white trash incident of 2015 continues with hair pulling, some old lady getting punched in the face, and one guy yelling "We just broke it up!". Oh and a table gets broken too. It's like a white trash WWE audition! Lets hope that Dix Coney can move past this white trash fest and keep making great coney dogs for years to come!

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