A 38-year-old Burton woman was attacked at a 1 Stop gas station by a 68-year-old man over a road rage incident. Grow up.

So, from what I've read it seems this gas station attack happened because this 38yr old woman flipped off this 68yr old man of because she was taking to long to pull off.

They both then exited the car and got into a heated argument, he then proceeded to smack her around a bit. The whole incident was caught on tape. And I'm now sitting here still dump founded on how quick the whole situation went down. Also with this man almost in his 70's you would think he learned how to control his anger by now. Nope, and luckily the whole incident was caught on tape, well duh it was caught on tape. Which is why it's even more important than ever to keep your hands to yourself nowadays.

Because you could be walking into some serious legal problems. The man in question was found and is expected to appear in court Jan. 16th.

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