Dwight Howard is making headlines for allegations of child abuse to his six years old son. The NBA ball player is not loved by his peers and the state of Georgie is joining the list of his haters. 

The NBA home opener for the Los Angeles Lakers showed that Kobe Bryant thinks Dwight is soft.  Just a few days ago, Kevin Durant got into with Howard. OG Gary Payton has verbalized that no one in the NBA likes the Houston Rockets center.

According to TMZ, Law enforcement officials are investigating Howard for beating his son with a belt bucket. The State of Florida dropped their investigation against the NBA baller when they were not in a position to find enough evidence to press charges against hated ball player. Georgia officials were not in a position to receive any assistance from Florida until TMZ broke the story.

Law officials believe they have sufficient evidence of child abuse to make this investigation top priority. Dwight's baby momma Royce Reed is fueling the claims. Seems a little shady, but that is what shady baby mommas do.