Students at Eagles Nest Academy will now be required to wear see through backpacks after a gun was brought into the building last week.

The incident happened on January 11th, after a 10 year old brought a gun into the school. Luckily nobody was hurt, and the school took quick action as soon as the gun was discovered.

School officials have done many things to make sure that the students feel safe, including having assemblies for kids to ask questions and learn about school safety.

The clear backpacks are just another step in the safety procedure. The backpacks have been put in place in a number of schools around the country that have dealt with a shooting or gun scare.

Parents are asked to send their children to school with no back pack this morning, and the school will provide the student with one of the clear back packs when they arrive. The school is also asking parents to be vigilant about what their kids are bringing to school going forward.

I just want to put in how good it is to see the school take this situation seriously, and not from the punishment angle. Eagles Nest has put the safety of each kid before the gun debate. I know there will be a lot of parents who are not happy about the clear backpacks, and I don't really blame them. However, it's the fastest and most obvious change that the school can put in place to help ensure safety.

I applaud the officials for making the decision in spite of the angry parents that may complain.

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