Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley announced that the City of Flint will no longer auction off guns that are seized by police.

The guns will now be destroyed instead of being auctioned off to the public. This is a response to an extremely violent weekend in Flint, and a public outcry for safety. It seems like common sense to not recycle guns back into the community, but it's actually a pretty lucrative business for the city. According to NBC25, the city generates around $200k a year off of the gun auctions.

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So how does the money weigh into the final decision to stop the auctioning of guns? According to Flint Police Chief, not much.

The city will start to destroy the guns rather than auctioning them off immediately. They currently have 200+ guns that police have taken from the streets to be destroyed. Last year, the city auctioned off more than 1200 guns. Mayor Neeley talked about why this decision is so important to his administration.

From Day 1, we put a priority on leading this city with a strong social conscience. Human life is always more valuable than dollars

Let's hope that every administration going forward will keep those same values. If you remember how the Flint Water Crisis all started, it was supposed to be a cost cutting measure to help the city budget. The decision to switch was not made by an elected official, but by an emergency manager put in place by the state.

The guns that are confiscated now and all of the guns going forward will be given to the MSP for disposal. You can read the complete press release from the City of Flint here.


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