Eminem is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Marshall Mathers LP by giving out his cell phone number to fans.

Em has been promoting a live chat happening today (Wednesday May 27th) at 3pm happening on his My Community page. Obviously the voicemail box filled up in minutes, but you can still text the number to try and get early access to the chat.

This tweet showed up during the holiday weekend, and yesterday he promoted the specific time of the chat today, along with a new Stan hoodie.

I don't think anyone actually believes that this is Em's real cell phone number, but the promotion has definitely gotten fans geared up for the chat today.

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Many fans consider MMLP to be the best album in Em's collection, and I can't say I disagree. The entire album is loaded with iconic songs, including Stan. The song was released 20 years ago, and even the word Stan has taken on a life of it's own. It started as the name of the superfan in Em's song, and now is used to refer to any obsessive fan out there.

Em has done a brilliant job of balancing the promotion of the MMLP 20th anniversary with the real world issues going on right now. Detroit has been hard hit by the Coronavirus pandemic, and Em has been there to help in a variety of ways. Everything from delivering Mom's Spaghetti to Detroit healthcare workers, to raising millions of dollars to make sure healthcare workers have proper PPE.


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