Flint City councilman, and all around headline machine, Eric Mays has been charged with pawning his city issued laptop 9 different times.

You read that right, 9. NINE TIMES.

The news of Mays pawning his laptop first broke in January, but he apparently has gone back many times since. How many times?  Well, you get the point.

Mays was charged with willful neglect of duty by a public officer, and appeared in court on Wednesday.

Mays pawned the laptop at The Music Man Pawn Shop in Flint, and would pay the shop back to get the laptop back.  The courts agreed that Mays would not be sentenced until after his bid for re-election in November.

Yes, he is still running for public office after admitting to pawning his city issued laptop 9 separate times.

These are the types of things that Mays has become infamous for in Flint.  Check out some of the more interesting Eric Mays stories here.

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