Flint Councilman and current mayoral candidate Eric Mays could be on trial again this summer.

According to MLive, Mays is scheduled to go on trial for a second time August 11th on charges related to an early morning traffic stop in November 2013. Police and prosecutors claim Mays was found intoxicated and outside a car facing the wrong way on I-475 with flat tires.

Mays had previously been found not guilty of three misdemeanors during his first trial, although he was convicted of a lesser charge of impaired driving. The jury deadlocked on a fourth charge of failure to report an accident. Earlier this month, a Genesee County Circuit Court Judge reversed the impaired driving conviction and ordered a new trial for Mays on that charge. The judge ruled the trial court did not do enough to confirm that Mays wanted to represent himself in the case, or advise him in the risks of doing so. Of the upcoming trial Mays said he'll "look around and see if I can get an attorney or represent myself."

Representatives for the city and Mays are scheduled to meet again with Flint District Court Judge ahead of the trial on July 13th.



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