What was meant to be just a limited run has turned into the most popular soft drink in a very long time. So much so that even Faygo wasn't ready for the demand and you can't find it anywhere!

It's even sold out on its online shop and prices on eBay are bouncing all over the place. This reminds me of the Szechuan sauce from McDonald's that Rick and Morty made famous. 

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There’s two big reasons why the new flavor is in short supply. One, Faygo says it simply didn’t anticipate this much demand for the new flavor. Also, each bottle is made using new labeling technology. The printing is done directly on the bottle, developed at Plastipak Packaging in Plymouth, Michigan. Source:Mlive.com

I don't care what the problem is! Make more! I had one opportunity to grab the new Firework flavor and I missed it. I told myself "Oh, no big deal. I sure the new flavor will be around for a while." Wrong! I can't find a single bottle anywhere! and not I'm getting upset.

Faygo if your reading this understand that we need more Bomb Pop flavored sodas. I get that you have 50 other flavors people can enjoy, but I'm not interested. I only want what I can't have, and the fact that I can't get it only makes me want it more.

It's actually a pretty good marketing strategy once you step back and take a look...


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