Natasha Henderson has filed a lawsuit against Flint Mayor, Karen Weaver, saying that Weaver fired her for exposing an alleged scheme to reroute Flint water donation money.

According to ABC12, Henderson talked to the interim city attorney at the time, Tony Chubb, about the alleged wrong doing.  Henderson asked Chubb to investigate the activity, and after Chubb allegedly talked to Mayor Weaver, Henderson was fired.

Henderson is accusing Mayor Weaver of rerouting money that was donated to the Safe Water/Safe Homes fund to help Flint families, to a fund called "KarenAboutFlint" Fund.

There isn't any solid confirmation that the fund actually exists, but Henderson's lawsuit claims that it could be a possible source of campaign funding for Weaver.

Things get even more sketchy directly after Mayor Weaver fired Henderson.  Weaver needed Flint City Council to approve the firing, and they originally voted to keep Henderson on the job.

Henderson claims that Mayor Weaver then held a closed door meeting with the city council members, and a second vote resulted in a unanimous decision to remove Henderson from the job.

There are still a lot of rumors and hearsay dominating this story, but it will become more clear as the pending lawsuit moves forward.

I personally have worried about the amount of money coming into Flint in  the form of donations.  There is definitely a need for the money, but anytime this much money is pouring in without a specific person or organization to manage it, (AND BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR MANAGING IT), it can cause major problems.

I don't pretend to know if the allegations are true or not, but I definitely think this could become a recurring thing as Flint manages the donation dollars that have come in.

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