Karen Weaver

Flint's Mayoral Race Set
Arthur Woodson has announced that after leading the campaign to recall Mayor Karen Weaver, he will now be joining the race to become the next mayor of Flint.
Weaver Vs Trump
Donald Trump is visiting Flint today, but Mayor Karen Weaver hasn't been as hospitable to Trump as she has to Presidential candidates that have visited in the recent past.
Henderson VS Weaver
Natasha Henderson has filed a lawsuit against Flint Mayor, Karen Weaver, saying that Weaver fired her for exposing an alleged scheme to reroute Flint water donation money.
200+ Kids w/ High Lead Levels
Officials have identified at least 200 kids in Flint with elevated blood lead levels due to the Flint Water Crisis. Governor Snyder formed the Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee to work on the problem.

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