A Genesee County man has won a half-million dollars playing the Michigan Lottery and says he'll never buy another ticket again.

The lucky player bought his winning '20X The Cash' winning ticket at the Speedway gas station on Grand Blanc Rd at US 23 in Grand Blanc. (I stop there all the time - why didn't I buy that ticket?!?)

The 48-year old resident of Genesee County has chosen to remain anonymous. He tells the Michigan Lottery that he bought the ticket because he needed air in one of his tires.

“I stopped to put air in my tire and when I went inside to get change for the machine, I bought a couple 20X The Cash tickets,” he said. “I got back in my car and scratched the ticket off and as soon as I saw the three matching symbols and prize amount, I knew I had won big!

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The man went on to say that he won't be buying any more lottery tickets, because of a pact he made with his dad.

“My dad and I played Lottery together for years and we always said if we hit big, there was no need to keep playing," he said. "This is the last ticket I’ll ever buy.”

He tells the Michigan Lottery that he plans to save his winnings.

(It sounds to me like this is one lottery winner whose life won't be ruined by his winnings.)


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