Michigan will be seeing some mix-up of weather later on tonight with a cold front on the way to cause some serious storms.

This might be the best time to invest in flood insurance. 

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A cold front diving in late Monday night will run into this airmass leaving us a strong to severe storm risk.


Storms will be firing along the Lake Michigan shoreline by 9 or 10pm, but will not likely be moving toward us until closer to 11pm or even later.


Storm chances continue until nearly 5 or 6 am on Tuesday morning, but the front will be entering much cooler and less unstable air at that point.


Tuesday morning will likely be wet with or without the stronger storms, so plan ahead for that umbrella.


Reports suggest that we could see some serious wind, along with hail and some flooding. Michigan weather has a reputation for switching up out of nowhere. With temps in the low 80's today that switch up tonight is gonna hit pretty hard until the next morning.


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