Popular Flint artist Jeff Skigh teams up with retired Flint NBA legend Morris Peterson for a new animated music video called "Planet Fitness" and the track is straight fire! 

Jeff Skigh has always had his own lane when it comes to the music in Flint. I've been very fortunate enough to get close enough to him to watch his growth over the years and right now Jeff Skigh is in line to take over the city.

Now, with that statement, some of you might feel like I'm gassing him up. But I promise you that's not the case. Jeff has an amazing array of music videos out and this just adds to his artistic vision. And if you take the time to browse his catalog I assure you Jeff will become one of your new favorite rappers, and not just locally. You can tell he's onto something and that's why you see NBA Players like Morris Peterson A.K.A Mo Pete willing to hop on the track with him. That's huge!

Jeff Skigh is also prepping for the release of his upcoming album and from the looks of it, social media can't wait long enough! Keep your ear to the radio and tune in to hear more tracks from Jeff Skigh or just click here to check out his music!


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