Flint artist Sway Montoya is coming into 2020 with a new video called "iWork" and is set to make his presence known for this new year. 


Sway Montoya is stepping into 2020 with a whole new mindset with this track "iWork". I've been a fan of his for a long time now and Sway is one the rare artists in Flint that can drop serious content. And with the video being shot in familiar locations around Flint like "RJ's Fried Thangs" or "Highly Sociable" you can tell he loves representing Flint. To be honest, Sway is a perfect example of what hidden talent in Flint looks like.

Expect to see him in the studio soon for the 81Show so we can find out exactly what he has in store for 2020. If it's anything like this, then Sway is set to make some power moves this new year.

Check out more music from Sway Montoya here.

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