The Flint City Council has begun its hearings to find out what really happened to the millions of dollars donated to the city for the water crisis. Things seem a bit fishy.

Things started off looking bad. Officials from AECOM and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) didn't even bother to show up today to explain what's going on. Then a representative from Goyette Mechanical was explaining his difficulties with not being able to use the hydro-excavation tool and how that's been causing delays.

For me, this is a huge red flag. For one, it looks like AECOM is not telling us something. AECOM is expected to be present at another hearing on Nov. 7th and a subpoena has been issued for Amy Epkee who works for the MDEQ and had a hand in overseeing the funds for the water crisis. Not showing up for a hearing like this doesn't help with how things are being perceived.

The city has already been lied to multiple times and this is just adding more fuel to the fire. If AECOM and MDEQ are innocent in this and can give us a detailed explanation of where the money went, then it's all good. They have yet to deliver on that perfectly reasonable request and people are getting more upset. Millions of dollars are going unaccounted for and it's about time we got some answers.

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