The Flint Board of Education has announced that Flint Schools will finally be returning to the classroom in March.

Flint Schools had anticipated bringing students back face to face on February 22nd. Only a few days before the 22nd, school officials announced that students would not be returning on the scheduled date. The problem revolved around installing sneeze guards in all of the classrooms. The school eventually put the return to face to face learning on hold indefinitely. Now they have announced a solid return date, and it's coming very soon.

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Flint Community School officials put out a press release that detailed the plan for returning to school.

Beginning Monday, March 15, we will offer the option of in-person learning for our LSS scholars, ECDD scholars and scholars in Pre-K through third grade. Scholars in fourth grade through 12th grade will have the option of returning to in-person learning beginning Monday, March 22.  

It should be noted that this is hybrid model, so no students will be back in the school for the normal five day a week schedule. Right now, Wednesday is reserved for online learning for all Flint Schools students. There is also a hybrid option that parents can pick, and schedules for those hybrid students will be sent out this week.

This is a huge relief for parents of Flint students. The last minute announcement that came in February put most working parents in a very tough position. I think everyone agrees that in person learning is the best way to go, but balancing that with safety is a constant struggle.


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