It looks like Flint's parents will have the option to adopt a new hybrid model of remote/ in-person learning starting this weekend.

Now the district says anyone interested should contact their child's teacher or school directly to enroll. This is completely optional. If you're still not comfortable with letting your child go to school for in-person learning you don't have to. You still have the option to completely utilize remote learning.

Superintendent Anita J Steward had this to say about the new option for in-person learning;

"We thank our committed staff, who returned to the school buildings this week. They are hard at work preparing for in-person learning while working closely with our scholars to support their growth and development. We welcome your continued feedback as this process moves forward.


My heart goes out to teachers that have to adjust to these difficult times. I'd imagine teaching has gone to a whole new level of annoying. It's hard enough trying to tell someone else's energetic child to pay attention during a video class. So this might be the light at the end of the tunnel teachers were asking for.



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