A Flint man decided to place flags representing the confederate south, and a NAZI swastika in front of his home.  When a reporter from WNEM showed up to ask him about it, things got ugly.

TV 5′s Nick Lulli, was covering a the story of the controversial flags located at a homeowner Carpenter and Branch. The story started a month ago when neighbors complained about the Confederate flag flying.  As an answer, the homeowner decided to fly a Nazi swastika as well . . . because that makes a lot of sense.

By the time Lulli showed up, the flags had been removed, but he still tried to get some comments from the people at the house.Things got ugly, real fast.  They made a few phone calls, and a third person showed up and confronted Lulli.  After a few threats and rocks were thrown, the police were called.

The whole thing seems just dumb to me, especially considering the guy is obviously not very bright.  He's trying to do as much as he can to piss off his neighbors, and is doing a great job of getting arrested while he's at it.

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