Tensions are high and people are speaking up.

Artez Davis is a Flint native who attended Flint Northern High School and is now employed as a police officer in Memphis, Tennessee.

He posted yesterday on his Facebook about being a black police officer.

I am a BLACK Police Officer! Certified by the State of TN. It doesn't matter what race, what situation, or what obstacles we conquer on our daily duties at the end of the day and the end of my shift when the badge comes off I am still human. I DO NOT nor will I ever condone an officer misconduct in my presence or under any circumstances. I WILL SPEAK UP‼️I take off my uniform, the heavy boots, the overweight belt...put on my Jordan's, Nike shorts, White T...who am I now? Am I still getting the free meals paid for by strangers, those random, "Thank you for your service Sir", the excitement from the young child that only wants a hug⁉️

We can't hide behind the badge and still expect change, we have to speak up for each other to promote change and that starts in your community and neighborhoods. Mistreating people will never result in nothing good. There are people who commit crimes but taking someone's life especially when they're not resisting or a threat to you is completely bull****. I couldn't live with myself knowingly taking a life for no reason. One officer can give a bitter taste about officers all over the world and I don't like it for the officers that are doing an outstanding job.. I AM TOTALLY AGAINST POLICE OFFICER MISCONDUCT and I don't care if you don't like it...Because at the end of the day when I take everything off.... I'm still BLACK‼️

I thought that this was a great post, considering the rioting in Minnesota following the murder of George Floyd. This world is teaching us that we can't be more than one "thing," that we can't have more than one stance. Either you're for or against police. Personally, I think that sucks. I'm all for GOOD cops like Artez. Thanks for speaking up.

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