Mayor Sheldon Neeley told Flint residents about his "New Meter, New Start" program on Friday.

The plan is to put new water meters in qualifying Flint homes for free, to help control high water bills in the future. The water meters and installation will come at no cost to Flint residents, but they must apply to be considered.

The water bills have been a constant remaining problem from the Flint Water Crisis, and this is a plan to help end the problem. According to WEYI, Neely talked about the program in a very matter of fact way.

Residents will not bear the burden of what has been a broken system. We are going to fix what’s broken and move forward.

The new program is starting now, and will help to wipe out thousands of dollars of water bill debt for Flint residents. According to the EastVillageMagazine, there will be about 500 water meter replacements per week.

If you have questions about your water meter replacement, you can call (810) 766-7015 to get answers.

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