With three more water distribution sites closing in Flint this week, the city is left with only four open sites.

The plan was announced to start scaling down the water distribution sites across the city, but it never really sinks in until the site nearest to you is closed. The three sites that were just shut down include:

  • The Old Flint Farmers Market Location
  • Lincoln Park United Methodist Church
  • Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church

Despite many reports that the sites were still busy, they were shut down as of Tuesday, September 5th. Churches around the area are trying to step up and ease the burden on residents in the area of the closures.

Most residents agree that the water stations are being shut down too early. Everyone knows that they can't stay open forever, but do you think this is too soon?

The only four open water distribution sites are listed below. If you need more information you can always visit the Help for Flint website for more resource information.

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church located at 1610 W. Pierson Rd.


Franklin Avenue Open Lot at 2804 N. Franklin Rd


West Court Street Church of God at 2920 W. Court St.


Eastown Bowling Alley located at 3001 S. Dort Hwy


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