A few Flint residents are scared over recent threatening messages and now the police are involved. In a totally separate story yesterday, I saw a male walking around with a automatic rifle.  Seeing this man yesterday in Flint and hearing about this threatening messages, we need to be on alert.   

According to WNEM, racist notes have been secretly left in a Flint neighborhood that threaten to kill minorities. Pamela Sealey has found several messages posted on telephone polls and on Tuesday, September 2nd, she found another disturbing and intimidating message at the bus stop. Some of the message reads,

"It says, don't get you get it [n-word], we don't want you in our hood. Get out before we kill you. White people, something's coming."

"Die [n-word] die, we will kill you,"

Sealey reached out to the police and had not received any response. TV5 reached out to Flint police and they have assigned a detective to investigate.

I think residents should be on high alert especially now that school is back in session. People are on edge due to stress and financial problems and thinking straight is difficult. Flint, just pray and be on alert.