It was announced earlier today that the city of Flint would begin digging up lead water lines in the most at risk areas, but when that didn't happen, community activists took things into their own hands.

WNEM reports that residents pooled their own money together to fund the dig, and have a crew from Waldorf Excavating working now. Waldorf & Sons, Inc said they were hired by Crescent Contracting to begin the excavation. The dig is being monitored by city officials, but as of now the city has not began their own project.

The service lines that are being dug up currently are on E. Alma in the city of Flint.  The house that was chosen first, has small children living there.

Our sister news station, WFNT, is reporting that the MDEQ showed up to stop the digging unless the crews could provide valid permits.  Tempers flared on the scene as Eric Mays got into a shouting match with police and MDEQ officials.

This has the potential to turn into an ugly situation for city officials if there are many more delays in the plan to replace pipes.