Families that attend Flint Schools can take advantage of a free snow day lunch today.

The free lunch is happening at Flint Southwestern from 11am to 2pm today, and is open to all students and their families. If you want to go to the lunch, organizers are just asking that you pre-register so they have an idea of how much food to make. You can register by clicking on the button below.

I always wondered what schools did with the food that would have been prepared for lunch on a snow day. I know that at my kids school, they will adjust the lunch menu after a snow day.

When school is cancelled for an extended period of time, like we're dealing with now, what do they do with all the food?

I love the idea that Flint Schools had to do this community lunch, especially if all of the food would eventually go to waste. Maybe more schools should do something like this for their students and families.

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